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Answers to Your Most Asked Questions About Invisalign® (Video)

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Invisalign® is one of the fastest growing orthodontic treatments for straightening teeth. Are you wondering if it’s the right treatment for you? Dr. Bradley Olson answers your most asked questions about Invisalign®. But first, let’s talk about what the Invisalign® orthodontic process involves. How Invisalign® works Unlike traditional braces that are permanently attached to the […]

Maybe a Better Alternative

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ADA’s Information On Sparkling Water Highlighted. Stating that “the popularity of sparkling waters is growing exponentially,” Runner’s World (12/7, Zickl) considered whether the beverage has negative health effects. Concerning whether sparkling water erodes enamel, the article pointed to, ADA’s consumer website, which says sparkling water is generally fine for teeth. The article added, “Compared […]

We can help you with Invisalign

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Bloomberg News (9/20, Wolf) reported on companies that provide direct-to-consumer products intended to straighten teeth without a visit to the orthodontist’s office. The article reported that “a growing number of orthodontists,” however, are “warning consumers about the possible dangers of undergoing a complex medical procedure without the in-person supervision of a dental professional.” This year […]

Smile prevails in facial esthetics.

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The August Journal of the American Dental Association had an article by Virna Patusco, et al that looked at facial esthetics realtive to overall attractiveness. Here is the abstract: Abstract Background The aim of this study was to assess whether scores assigned to the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin regions work as predictors of full […]