Importance of Flouride

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ADA Consumer Advisor Quoted About Fluoride Study.

Medscape (8/31, Doheny, Subscription Publication) reported a recent study by Seattle periodontist and University of Washington professor of oral health sciences Philippe Hujoel, PhD, found that using fluoride-free toothpaste means “brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough to keep cavities away.” Hujoel explained that fluoride helps prevent cavities in areas inaccessible to toothbrushes or floss. American Dental Association consumer advisor and Ohio State University assistant professor of dentistry Matthew Messina, DDS, said the study “supports what the dental association has said for years, that brushing with fluoride is good.” Messina explained that toothpastes must contain fluoride in order to earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance, noting that “the ADA recommends brushing twice a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, flossing once a day, eating a healthy diet, and seeing a dentist on a regular basis.” According to Medscape, “That’s lifelong advice, he says, as cavities don’t just affect children. ‘We are seeing an increase in the rate of cavities in the older population,’ he says. That’s partially due to improved dental techniques allowing people to keep their natural teeth longer, he says. Dry mouth, a side effect of numerous medications taken by older adults, can also make teeth more prone to decay, he says.”

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