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Flex Plans & Other Financing

Now is an excellent time to review your remaining insurance benefits for the calendar year. We want you to utilize you benefits rather than loose them. Flex accounts also need to be used by the end of the year in most cases. In addition, this is when you need to plan finances for your flex account for the coming year. Both insurance and flex benefits are “use or loose.” Plan now – don’t wait till it’s too late.

If you have a flex plan, you are aware that it is an account which is set up by your employer to deposit pre-tax dollars from your salary. In most cases, this money can be used for medical and dental expenses. Each employer has different rules as to how the funds are paid out of the account — some require that the patient pay the provider and supply a receipt for reimbursement while others require a breakdown of the actual treatment and fees. You must contact your Human Resources office to find out if your employer offers a flex account.

Our office works with most major PPO insurance companies. With the majority of these insurance companies we estimate what we think the insurance company will reimburse, have you take care of the difference while you are in the office, and settle up the balance when the insurance is paid. We also offer Care Credit financing when dental treatment is considered major and/or extensive.

Please feel free to call our front office if you have questions about insurance that we can help you resolve.

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