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The Dental Blog of Bradley J. Olson, DDS

Learn, grow, and understand how you can care for your oral health.
Reasons to Smile
I am headed to the beach to spend some time with the kids before they start school so that gives me reason to smile. There is a recent study by... read more
Toothpastes V
The last installment on toothpastes will be related to xerostomia (dry mouth). The number of people that suffer with dry mouth has risen over the... read more
Toothpastes IV
Popular ingredients found in some of today’s toothpastes are anti-plaque and anti-tartar agents. Triclosan/copolymer in .3% quantity has been... read more
Toothpastes III
Fluoride use in toothpastes has been well established to provide a replenishing of the fluoride rich outer layer of the tooth and has proven to... read more
Toothpastes II
In the last Blog I talked about some of the ingredients found in toothpastes. This Blog I will talk about abrasives. Abrasives are present to help... read more
We are often asked about various dental products and our recommendations for use of these products. In the next few Blogs I will cover the basics of... read more
X-Ray Safety
The media recently released a story regarding the safety of dental x-rays and developing meningioma, the most common type of brain tumor. This has... read more