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Smartphones Are “Breeding Ground For Germs,” Studies Show. USA Today (2/26, Brown) reports that various studies have shown smartphones are “a breeding ground for germs and a cesspool of bacteria.” Experts say our hands and our phones are in contact with a variety of surfaces and their germs, which “can make you, your family and […]

More concerns for e-cigarettes

Flavoring Chemicals In E-Cigarettes May Harm Airway Passages, Study Suggests. Reuters (2/22, Mishra) reported a small test tube experiment examining the effect of e-cigarette flavoring chemicals on bronchial epithelial cells found the “chemicals induced hundreds of genetic changes in the cells” and “impaired the ability of the cells to function properly.” The chemicals studied were […]

Sugary drinks

Taxes On Sugary Drinks May Decrease Consumption, Studies Suggest. NPR (2/21, Charles) reported that research suggests taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks “do work – although sometimes not as well as hoped.” In a study published by the American Journal of Public Health, researchers asked people in Berkeley, California questions about sugar-sweetened drink consumption every year since […]

Check with us about your bleaching materials

UK Study Shows Home Teeth-Whitening Kits May Weaken Teeth. The Independent (UK) (2/21) reports teeth-whitening kits sold in drug stores “may leave teeth weaker and more sensitive,” according a study published Friday in British Dental Journal. Dental experts have called for a “ban on non-hydrogen peroxide based whitening kits which can be sold over the […]

Artificial Sweetener

Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked To Higher Risk Of Stroke In Women Over 50, Study Indicates. CNN (2/14, Lamotte) reported that research indicates “drinking two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of clot-based strokes, heart attacks and early death in women over 50.” Investigators found […]