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The Dental Blog of Bradley J. Olson, DDS

Learn, grow, and understand how you can care for your oral health.
Nutrition based health
Environment Contributing To Unhealthy BMI, Research Indicates Newsweek (7/3, Gander) reported, “People have gotten fatter in the past 50 years, and... read more
Diabetes and oral health
Diabetes May Increase Hospitalization, Mortality Risk More For Women With HF Than Men, Researchers Say Medwire News (7/4, McDermid) reported,... read more
Floss news update
Global Dental Floss Market Expected To Experience Growth A release on PRNewswire (7/2) states the global dental floss market is expected to... read more
Dry Mouth Product
Oral Rinse Product First To Receive ADA Seal In Dry Mouth Category The ADA News (6/28, Versaci) reported that Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse has... read more
Benefits of Fresh Air
Study Shows Two Hours Per Week In Nature Recommended To Improve Health The New York Times (6/13, Sheikh) reported that “a wealth of research... read more
When to Brush Teeth
ADA Spokesperson Encourages Waiting To Brush Teeth After Eating In an updated article, PopSugar (5/31, Shiffer) stated that it’s best not to brush... read more
Despite Decline In New Diabetes Cases, Overall Numbers Remain High, Research Suggests Medscape (5/30, Tucker, Subscription Publication) reported in... read more
Sleep Apnea
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Becoming More Common And Is Often Undiagnosed Jane E. Brody writes in her “Personal Health” column for the New York Times... read more
Sugary Beverages
Excessive Consumption Of Sugary Beverages May Shorten Life, Research Suggests CNN (5/17, Scutti) reported that “a study links drinking too many... read more