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Learn, grow, and understand how you can care for your oral health.
Dental Laboratories
Quality dental labs “Why do dental restorations cost what they cost?” Great question from a patient recently. One part of the cost of... read more
Sleep Apnea
Washington Post article An article in the Washington Post Health and Science section outlined the current status of sleep disorders. I have... read more
Dentofacial Esthetics
Laypeople’s preferences for an attractive smile The Journal of the Ameican Dental Association had an article this month that reviewed all the... read more
Implant dentures
Examples of implant dentures Denture wearers many times struggle with the ability to maintain stability while eating and speaking. Implants can help... read more
Soft Drink Tooth Decay
Tooth Decay It is very common now for children to drink 6 to 7 cans of soda in a day. Regardless of some beliefs, diet soda is also harmful to our... read more
The Sound of your Smile
Article in Dentistry Today According to Dr. John Ohala of Univ California Berkley, the smile is related to sound. People that do not smile are... read more
Washington Post articles
Orthodontics I have to admit that when I read the title of the Washington post article “Brace yourself for endless orthodontia” I was... read more
Salivary Diagnostics II
How saliva can be used in diagnosis In the last Blog,  I discussed the the advantages to using saliva as a diagnostic tool. Research is ongoing but... read more