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The Dental Blog of Bradley J. Olson, DDS

Learn, grow, and understand how you can care for your oral health.
Sleep Apnea II
Treatment options The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has revised practice parameters and has indicated that the credibility of appliances has... read more
Regenerating Teeth
Scintific discoveries for cavities and lost teeth I have had patients ask me recently about having cavities repaired without fillings and replacing... read more
Why Sealants We all need to stay PROACTIVE with a child maintaining good oral health. The first thing you should do is take your child to a dentist.... read more
Men and Healthy Mouths
More men are visiting the dentist In an article found on the Academy of General Dentistry website, the trend of men staying away from the dentist is... read more
Dental uses for Xylitol Patients have commented to us recently about articles they have read regarding the natural sweetener Xylitol. Xylitol is a... read more
Website update If you have not had the chance, take a look at the changes we have made to our site. They are subtle, but some new cases and... read more
Washington Post Article
“Doctor, I’m feeling pressured” It seems that every few years, an article is written in some publication about how dental... read more
Bleaching and Tooth Decay
How bleaching materials may have an added benefit. Dr. Van Haywood is considered one of the world’s most noted authorities on tooth... read more
Tooth Position in the Smile III
The importance of tooth position The third determinant in tooth position when we retore a smile is related to how the teeth function in speech. The... read more
Tooth Position in the Smile II
How to determine the tooth position in a smile. In the last Blog, I talked about lip position and the location of teeth in the smile. In this Blog,... read more