Sleep Apnea

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Treating Children’s Sleep Apnea May Lower Risk Of Accidents With Oncoming Vehicles, Study Suggests.

Reuters (2/8, Crist) reported a new study suggests that children “with obstructive sleep apnea may be at lower risk of accidents with oncoming vehicles during the day if they use positive airway pressure, or PAP, therapy at night.” Notably, “children must consistently stick to the PAP treatment plan for it to make a difference, the study authors report.” Senior study author David Schwebel of the University of Alabama at Birmingham said, “Sleep disorders have real-world consequences, even life-and-death consequences. Someone who is tired, whether a child or an adult, simply does not function the same way they do when they are rested.” The findings were published in the Sleep Health.

Dental professionals can point their patients to the ADA’s consumer website,, for information about sleep apnea. The ADA Catalog also offers the brochure, Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Talk to your dentist about snoring.

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