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ADA Spokeswoman Offers Tips On How To Avoid “Wine Mouth”

In the New York Times’ (5/26, Herrera) Sunday “Smarter Living” newsletter, writer Bethany Biron discusses preventive steps you can take to avoid the “dreaded wine mouth.” ADA spokeswoman Dr. Ruchi Sahota “recommends brushing your teeth right before going out to help rid teeth of plaque, which dark, acidic beverages like red wine and coffee thrive on.” She said, “Enamel is one of the hardest substances in our body, but it’s extremely susceptible to acid,” adding, “While drinking, try not to swish wine or hold it in your mouth for longer than you need to. Sip it and swallow.” Dr. Sahota also suggests drinking wine from a straw “if you’re feeling especially cautious.”

Dental professionals can direct their patients to MouthHealthy.org, ADA’s consumer website, for additional information on what causes teeth to change color. The ADA provides a complete list of toothpastes with the ADA Seal of Acceptance, including some with stain removal attributes.

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