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In the last Blog I talked about some of the ingredients found in toothpastes. This Blog I will talk about abrasives. Abrasives are present to help remove plaque and stain for tooth surfaces. Without these abrasives, the teeth would not have that clean feeling and compliance would be low for wanting to brush. One study actually indicated that when some participants were given toothpastes without abrasives, they dropped out of the study.

Abrasives also have a negative quality that can contribute to tooth abrasion. There is a standard for measuring abrasives and the higher the RDA (Radioactive Dentin Abrasivity), the more abrasive the component. Most toothpastes have silica based products for the abrasive but recent studies have shown that baking soda products have shown significant removal of plaque and is rapidly cleared from the gum sulcus. Regardless of the product chosen, how the product is used (brushing technique), frequency of use, and quantity used will play the major role in tooth abrasion and erosion.