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Popular ingredients found in some of today’s toothpastes are anti-plaque and anti-tartar agents. Triclosan/copolymer in .3% quantity has been shown in some studies to significantly reduce plaque levels by up to 48% compared to a control toothpaste. Colgate Total is one of these toothpastes. Stannous fluoride is another agent that can alter bacterial growth and bacterial adhesion. Zinc citrate in 2% quantity has also shown anti-plaque effects and Tom’s of Maine is one product that has this agent.

Anti-tartar (anti-calculus) agents in toothpastes can help to inhibit the formation of tartar above the gum line. Pyrophosphates interfere with the crystal growth during tartar formation. It has been our experience that there are a number of patients sensitive to pyrophosphates and can cause ulcers and irritations.