Waldorf dentist rewire your brain for hygiene routine.

Your Dental Health May Depend On Rewiring Your Brain

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Waldorf dentist rewire your brain for hygiene routine. “I know, I know. I should brush more thoroughly and floss every day and be more diligent about visiting my dentist twice a year.” Who hasn’t said those words with a mixture of shame and resentment? We all know we should do it. But getting ourselves to actually do it is the hard part.

One of the hardest things for a Waldorf dentist to do isn’t oral surgery, performing a root canal, or pulling wisdom teeth, it’s getting his patients to really buy into the idea of protecting their dental health by regularly following a good hygiene routine.

It should be simple, right? Wrong! This simple requirement is sidetracked by our complicated human psychology. We know that taking care of our teeth is important but, unfortunately, our brains are not hard wired to develop habits that will do good things for our health 10 or 20 years down the road. We will take our cars in for regular maintenance to prevent it from breaking down, but we just won’t do the same thing for our own health.

How can we help you rewire your brain so that taking simple steps to protect your dental health becomes just another part of your routine? Here are 5 reasons to get you thinking and motivated:

  1. You may not know that you have periodontal disease. The real danger with gum disease is that you may not see any symptoms until the disease has become advanced. Pain is usually the one thing we will respond to with action, but by the time you are experiencing periodontal pain the damage is done. Don’t wait! A thorough exam and cleaning can catch gum disease early and reverse it.
  2. Oral health is part of overall health. Did you know that the bacteria from your mouth are carried through your blood stream to all parts of your body? Once in your system those bacteria can now do more damage than just cavities or gum disease. Studies have associated a number of very serious conditions with these invasive bacteria such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, osteoporosis and more. We want to help you to protect your whole-body health.
  3. We spot small problems before they become big ones. Saving you money! During your hygiene visit, we thoroughly check the health of your teeth and gums. Many times, we spot a problem such as a cavity, tooth wear or gum disease that is just starting to rear its ugly head and we can deal with it right then and there. This stops it from becoming a much bigger and more costly problem to correct in the future. So, following a good routine for dental health will save you money!
  4. Your visit may not just be a “cleaning”. For some patients it may be that a conventional cleaning is all that is necessary. But, for many others more is needed. Treating gum disease with deep pocket scaling may be called for to stop the advancement of the disease. So, don’t skip a cleaning thinking that it won’t matter. It does!
  5. We can do a better job than you. You know we can! Just think about how great your teeth and mouth feel after a hygiene visit. We remove all evidences of plaque, or plaque build-up in the form of tartar. We have the right instrumentation and the training to do the kind of thorough job you cannot do on your own at home.

Well, have we helped you rewire your brain? We hope so. Programming new habits is not easy. We recommend that if it’s been a while since you have had a hygiene appointment, make one today. Call us at (301)645-6611 or contact us and Cindy or Adriana will be happy to get your started. They won’t lecture or scold, but will help with some very practical, easy suggestions that will get you going in the right direction.


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